Luxxbox, a leading international designer of acoustic lighting solutions, announced the launch of Motif Acoustic Panels, a new line of acoustic panels that perfectly complement its acclaimed product range.

Motif Acoustic Panels are designed for easy color-matching with Luxxbox acoustic lighting, offering the same versatile acoustic colors in a new panel format. With impressive sound absorption, they can be used for wall and ceiling panels, acoustic partitions, acoustic pinboards or custom acoustic designs. They are also easy to install, made from 99 percent reclaimed PET and completely recyclable.

Available in a standard size of 48.031 inches (height) x 96.062 inches (width) x 0.472 inches (depth), Motif Acoustic Panels are easy to shape, cut or print on for customization and versatility. They can be used for creating partitions, wall or ceiling panels, acoustic pinboards or designing your own acoustic solutions. Made from PET material, a dense polyester fiber manufactured from recycled plastics, Motif Acoustic Panels are fully recyclable at the end of their life cycle, like all other products in Luxxbox’s portfolio.

“Motif Acoustic Panels are the perfect way to create a cohesive and stylish acoustic environment,” said Jason Bird, founder and creative director of Luxxbox. “They are easy to install, versatile and environmentally friendly. We are confident that Motif Acoustic Panels will be a valuable addition to our product line.”

Motif Acoustic Panels are now available from Luxxbox. For more information, visit