Simpson Strong-Tie continues to grow its lineup of mass timber hardware with the addition of the SCBH steel concealed beam hanger suitable for high-drift, high-capacity seismic applications. The new beam hanger provides a concealed connection to preserve a wood-only look while offering an allowable design load of approximately 20 kips (equivalent to 20,000 pounds of force) and a one- or two-hour fire resistance rating, per ASTM E119, for a wood-to-wood connection.

The new steel beam hanger matches the beam-to-column load of the company’s ACBH aluminum concealed beam hanger while increasing the ability to deform when subjected to joint rotation due to seismic forces and inter-story drift. This combination makes the SCBH ideal for use at glulam beam-to-column connections in high seismic regions.

“As mass timber construction continues to gain traction around the U.S. and Canada, architects and engineers need more connection solutions that meet the unique requirements of earthquake-prone areas,” said Michael Weinert, senior product manager for mass timber and off-site construction at Simpson Strong-Tie. “The new SCBH steel concealed beam hanger offers immense versatility for these applications by satisfying the combined needs of aesthetics, strength and fire-rated performance, alongside compatibility with seismic deformation.”

The SCBH installs easily in the factory using Simpson Strong-Tie’s fully threaded Strong-Drive SDCF Timber-CF structural screws. A generous on-site fit-up tolerance provides for smooth and easy beam installation.

Double connectors can be used on a single beam end for increased connection capacity, and a weldable SCBH-W backplate option is available for glulam beam-to-steel support connections.

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