You see the icons flashed on every Internet and print advertisement. Everything from shoe brands to charitable organizations invite you to “like” them on FaceBook or “follow” them on Twitter. With estimates of more than 500 million with a FaceBook page and 200 ,illion with a Twitter feed, it’s become a social norm and you can actually feel “out of the loop” if you’re not checking for updates every day.

Stay in contact with friends and relatives, develop new personal and business relationships, blog mindlessly to thousands of people the most intimate or mundane details of your daily life. What do you use Social Media for?

For me, I use FaceBook to stay in touch with people I care about, but due to geography and time constraints, I may not get to see as often as I would like. I use Twitter to build business connections with companies who have a similar interest in expanding their customer base.

Do you use Social Media to build your business relationships? Tell me how.

Oh yeah, Walls & Ceilings has a Twitter site at @WallsnCeilings and my Twitter feed is @TrowelTalk.