Northern Plains Regional Manager Derek Schuck has found instant success with a new line of Honeywell branded Solar Attic Fans. Available in 6, 12, & 20 Watt Roof Mount models as well as a 12 Watt Gable Mount, these fans circulate and exhaust air in the attic space, keeping it cooler in the warmer months and preventing moisture build up in the winter months that causes ice dams and potentially mold & mildew to form in the framing and insulation.

Being a solar powered product, there is no wiring required so no electrician or additional permit is required to install it. With a 30 percent Federal Tax Rebate on the fan and the installation, the consumer benefits from lower cooling bills, a safer environment, and a longer lasting roof.

This item affords the contractor the ability to not just compete based on the price of the shingles. He can talk about being green, solar products, cooling cost reduction, and adding value to his work thereby differentiating himself from his competition. With MSRP’s ranging from $99 to $299, these products not only make sense, they are affordable. Contractors in the south are using these fans as incentives in order to win bids. Others have even carved our niche businesses canvassing neighborhoods just installing fans.

It’s rare to find an affordable item that is “green,” affordable, and just plain makes sense. The Honeywell line of Solar Fans gives Allied sales people the ability to talk about active ventilation, green building, and solar instead of the cost of shingles and roofing nails.

Due to arrive in late June is another addition to the solar product line is a Solar Security Light from Home Advances Solar. This product is has an infrared motion detector that illuminates an ultra-bright 200 lumen LED light when it is approached within 35 feet. The beauty of this product is that it also contains a full color, full audio, time & date stamped video camera. When the light is activated, it takes a 10 second video that is stored on a 1 Gig removable “plug-n-play” SD card. The card holds up to 150 videos and will reset itself unless viewed by the owner. Being solar, it can literally be located anywhere as no power source is required. The solar panel is even moveable so it can be placed to maximize the sun’s energy.

This product is perfect for homes, offices, job sites & storage yards, cabins, RV & RV storage facilities, boat houses, barns & out-building…anywhere prowlers may come looking to steal your personal items.

With an MSRP of just $129.99, it is an affordable security item compared to systems available at shopping clubs that cost $500.00 or more.  When recently shown at the Midwest “Frozen Four” events, contractors thought the item would sell between $250-$300 and were amazed at the MSRP. This item can easily be sold on its own or used as an incentive item by the contractor. It is a tremendous value for the money.

 Both products are now available from Allied Building Products.