Your smartphone probably goes everywhere with you, from the job site to the dinner table, and you should consider it an irreplaceable resource, if you don’t already. Apps customized and made just for the contractor are proliferating to help maximize your productivity—all you have to do is download them. Here’s another guide to apps you should download to lighten up your tool bag and get the job done faster! Visit my other blog with more apps here

This week’s app trend is: Productivity

iBlueprint: Create blueprints for yourself or clients and export them via email. Save and edit multiple blue prints, input precise measurements with text entry. This app has great reviews and is only $0.99, find it in the apple store, here.

Home Builder Pro Calcs: This 5 star app contains more than 100 calculators to help you with a wide range of calculations on the job site. Foundations, framing, electrical, area volume & angle, are all available within this one app, just to name few.  Find it in the apple store, here.

Home Design 3D by LiveCad: Design your dream home and then tour it in 3D. Comes with drag-and-drop furnishings, doors, windows, and floors. Comes in 12 languages and exports to your PC or iPad.

iHandy Level Free: For both apple and android smartphones, this app not only lives up to its “Free” name, but surpasses expectations. As long as you calibrate your device, it seems to work very accurately according to the majority of positive reviews. Why pull out a level when you can have this tool right on your phone?

For free or only a few bucks, the investment is small, but has the potential for a big payoff!   Do you already use any of these apps, or think these would be useful for you? Have any tips for apps I should recommend or be on the look out for? Let me know in the comments section below or send me an email at!