Rumbling through files I’ve had since last month's trip to Texas for INTEX, I found some more business cards from people I had met at the tradeshow. I assume many of you come across this same dilemma on a frequent basis—where should you put all those business cards you collect? Well, today I have the solution you might be looking for. Here are some free apps to use that allow you to store contact information easily and help you stay organized.

1)CamCard: The same way you would take a photo, by using this app you can scan multiple cards at once, where the app automatically reads the business card and then stores and organizes all the information listed on the card. It reads 12 different languages and will even allow you to export the information easily into an excel file, onto the web app, your computer, or virtually anywhere. This app is free and available on all types of smart phones, and since it stores all the information utilizing Cloud technology, if you switch over to a different phone, all your stored contacts will still be accessible.

I’ve already started compiling all my contacts onto my phone with this app and it is very easy to use—I highly recommend it!

2)Evernote: Compatible for both Android and iPhone, this app is perfect for anyone looking to store and easily file information you pick up daily in the form of text, images, and voice recordings. You can also store contact information within this app. Once you have an account, it will also synchronize to your desktop computer.

I personally use this app on a weekly basis to digitize my to-do lists and share recordings with friends, just to name a few of its uses.

3)Microsoft Tag: 2D Barcodes are being used everywhere from business cards to movie posters. In mobile tagging, the barcode is a printed symbol that connects a physical object (a magazine ad) to a digital experience on a smartphone (a cool video).

I have this app on my iPhone and use it on a regular basis. It’s easy to use, available for all smart phones, and free. The Walls & Ceilings team utilizes 2D Barcodes on their business cards and within the print edition of the magazine on a regular basis to provide a more interactive experience for readers, so I recommend you download it too!

Leave me a comment or shoot me an email and let me know what apps you use on a regular basis! Also, make sure to check out May's Issue where I discuss apps in-depth and list a bunch you should download.