At a recent roundtable, several Floridians convened and brainstormed on several issues. The topics consisted of business overall, challenges in this day and age, expansion and more.

The FWCCA’s Executive Director Janice Ficarrotto helped coordinate and participate in the event. The turnout was interesting to say the least.

One of the downplayed—but important themes—of the session was healthcare. All the contractors brought this up that Obamacare was a concern. The issue was that by the new mandates brought by the Democratic administration, could contractors reasonably provide healthcare? The answer is a dodgy one: there’s a lot of mixed feelings on the issue. Ultimately the posited question is: can your company provide healthcare under the administration’s guidelines?

Let me be unequivocal: Everyone wants to provide healthcare. But under the Democratic guidelines, some business owners find the party’s expectations unreasonable.

So, how does your company plan to address this concern?