On January 2005, Parex Inc., LaHabra Products Inc. and El Rey Stucco Co. merged to form ParexLahabra Inc., a California corporation based in Anaheim.

This merger becomes a strong force in the U.S. stucco market with equity in its brands Parex, LaHabra, El Rey Stucco and Surewall. Each brand will develop its own marketing strategy, taking advantage of market-specific opportunities to strengthen the product lines.

Launched by the group in 2003, Davco-a full product line of thin-set mortars, tile adhesives and color grouts-will benefit from the nationwide network of manufacturing plants and the centralized corporate structure.

Francois Bouan, president and CEO of the new organization, has been leading the three companies owned by Materis.

"The creation of ParexLahabra Inc. sustains our pursuit for growth through internal developments and acquisitions; it optimizes the synergies between the three companies and facilitates the exchange of our best practices and expertise," said Bouan.

"As merged companies, our professional expertise will be reinforced," he continued.

In 2005, the company will have completed the ISO 9000 certification for all its locations. This helps ensure quality and availability of finished goods to the industry.