The Power Tool Institute has created a new standard to measure torque in cordless drills, including driver-drills and hammer driver-drills. The new test method, agreed upon by all major power tool companies in the Power Tool Institute, is the industry’s first standard to measure torque in drills. Makita U.S.A., Inc., manufacturer of industrial power tools and accessories and member of the institute, will be among the first to adopt the new Torque Procedure.

Prior to PTI’s new standard, power tool manufacturers conducted their own torque measurement in-house or with third party testing labs. The torque numbers were not useful for comparison since the testing hardware and methodologies were not standard. The PTI membership recognized this and worked together to create a new standard.

“Makita supports the new standard,” said Ken Hefley, Makita Senior Vice President, Marketing. “For tradesmen, torque is an important factor in the performance of a drill and a single standard guideline will produce consistent data so professional users can make informed purchasing decisions.”

“Makita is the first to publish torque numbers based on the new PTI Torque Procedure,” added Brad Wheeler, Senior Product Manager for Cordless Products.

To learn more about the new PTI Torque Procedure, including the testing hardware and methodology, go