Xactly Corporation, the leader in on-demand sales performance management, announced that Ames Taping Tool Systems, Inc., the world’s largest drywall finishing tool manufacturing, rental and distribution operation, has licensed the on-demand Xactly Incent sales compensation management solution to further drive the company’s sales performance. With Xactly, Ames will provide nearly 50 field sales representatives with real-time, Web-based visibility into compensation goals and attainment levels, thereby promoting sales behaviors strategically aligned to top-level business goals and increased performance overall.

“Xactly Incent is critical to the transition of our sales compensation plan to a results-driven model that not only rewards excellence in sales management, but also provides near real-time feedback to our sales representatives regarding sales results. Using spreadsheets, or attempting to develop an in-house solution to manage such a critical process, would be too costly and unwieldy given our auditing and plan-modeling requirements,” said Kathy Lamb, CIO, Ames Tools. “We selected Xactly Incent for its easy-to-deploy SaaS delivery model and for its tight integration with Salesforce CRM, which we are implementing simultaneously. From within the Salesforce application, our representatives will be able to directly access Xactly to see how they are performing against plan, and determine where to focus their efforts to maximize commissions and, by extension, company profits.”

Xactly Incent is a 100-percent Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that enables sales, finance and IT organizations to design, implement, manage, audit and optimize sales compensation management programs easily and affordably across the enterprise. As sales compensation represents one of the prime influencers of a company’s success, the right plans can increase profits, control expenses and drive consistent quarter-over-quarter results.

“Businesses across all industries today keenly recognize the need to make the most of their sales spend to boost performance, and are coupling that recognition with an understanding of the economic value and technical benefits of true on-demand SaaS applications,” said Karen Steele, vice president of marketing and business development, Xactly. “The powerful business benefits of sales performance management are also now achieved very synergistically through the tight integration and single sign-on capabilities between Xactly Incent and today’s on-demand CRM applications, such as Salesforce CRM.”

For more information, call 888-BAZOOKA or visitwww.amestools.com.