Shortly after relocating to Nevada, PAC International began utilizing the services of Opportunity Village, a non-profit community rehabilitation organization, to assemble Resilient Sound Isolation Clips.

The relocation allowed PAC to grow rapidly and better serve the demand for quieter and more fire safe buildings.

“As PAC International grew, we wanted to find ways to give back to the community,” said Elzo Gernhart, vice president of sales. “The search for ways to be more socially responsible lead us to Opportunity Village, an organization dedicated to helping adults with intellectual disabilities who are capable of assembling products. This relationship is a win-win business solution for assembling our RSIC clips and meeting weekly production goals.”

Components for RSIC clips are manufactured in America and shipped to Nevada. Opportunity Village individuals assemble millions of RSIC clips.

“PAC International is the largest ongoing contract for Opportunity Village, utilizing a substantial percentage of our available workforce each week,” according to Laura D’Amore, Opportunity Village’s Sales and Marketing Manager. “PAC is a shining example of a socially responsible company and we would love to have more customers just like them.”

PAC has evaluated automated assembly of RSIC clips numerous times and has chosen the socially responsive route-supporting the country by manufacturing in the U.S. and supporting local community by utilizing the services and individuals of Opportunity Village.

With its current staff number, Opportunity Village has the capacity to assemble more than 100,000 clips per week, with more capacity in the reserves said D’Amore.