The American Shotcrete Association has announced the release of a 424-page hard cover book, “Shotcrete-A Compilation of Papers.” The book is a collection of papers concerning Shotcrete, authored by Dudley R. “Rusty” Morgan, PhD, PEng, FACI, FCAE.

Papers are grouped under the following headings:

• Shotcrete Research and Development: Morgan supervised many programs to further new Shotcrete technology, including investigations of shrinkage and bond of Shotcrete.

• Freeze-Thaw Durability of Shotcrete: Morgan participated in many of the durability studies in North America.

• Shotcrete for Ground and Underground Support: The five papers included here illustrate the growth and efficiency of this technology.

• Infrastructure Rehabilitation with Shotcrete: A medley of presentations demonstrates the various ways Shotcrete can be used to restore the structural utility of our infrastructure and a review of other applications for the material.

Ordering information can be found W&C