Sto Corp.

StoGuard RapidSeal is a one-component air barrier and waterproof material used to protect rough openings and for transition detailing in above-grade wall construction. The product was created in conjunction with installers looking to improve on an already efficient system. Additional features and benefits include:

Fast Cure: Allows work to proceed quickly without costly delays and interruptions to work schedules

Eliminates mesh, fabric and tapes at rough openings (when used with StoGuard coatings)

Cures in wet weather and on damp substrates: Avoids costly wet weather work shut downs or wash-offs; adheres to damp substrates without blistering or increase in drying time.

Installs down to near freezing temperatures: Extends construction period deeper into cold weather season.

Easy to install: Does not require highly skilled applicator work force

Low VOC and South Coast AQMD Compliant

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