Henry Company

The Blueskin VP combines the technical performance of a commercial air barrier system with the ease of application of a traditional housewrap without the need for mechanical fastening. The product is a fully integrated, self-adhered, vapor permeable air and water barrier membrane. This product provides a method to completely seal the building enclosure to control air leakage while maintaining a continuous drainage plane with excellent breathability. Fully adhered technology represents a new standard of protection and performance compared to older mechanically fastened house wrap products. Meeting ASTM E2357 for Air Barrier Assemblies, the system is a water resistive, vapor permeable, air barrier membrane backed with a patented permeable adhesive layer. It is easily applied to walls, transitions and around wall openings. It is applied in a “weatherboard” fashion using simple hand tools and without the need for mechanical attachment. Owners will benefit by increasing the thermal performance of their buildings and by eliminating the risk of air leakage attributed to the likelihood of mold formation.