Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Systems has expanded its portfolio of acoustical solutions for exposed structure spaces with the introduction of SoundScapes Blades. The new addition to the Armstrong line features an upscale linear visual along with excellent sound absorption. The 2-inch-thick blades are offered in 14 standard colors and four sizes: 10 inch by 46 inch, 10 inch by 94 inch, 22 inch by 46 inch and 22 inch by 94 inch. Custom colors are also available. The easy-to-install blades are also seismic tested and have a Class A fire rating. Acoustically, SoundScapes Blades in White provide 1.38 sabins per square foot, and can reduce reverberation time in a space up to 72 percent with only 20 percent coverage. The blades actually provide greater sound absorption than a continuous ceiling of the same surface area because sound is absorbed on the front, back and sides. The blades are ideally suited for enhancing office, education and retail spaces acoustically and aesthetically in either new construction or retrofit applications. When installed in a reverberant space, they can significantly reduce background noise and reverberation time, enhancing speech intelligibility. The products are all pre-assembled with metal hanging clips embedded in the top of each panel for easy installation from a standard suspension system.