A new product from PROSOCO’s Consolideck line of concrete flooring products gives applicators the combination of a powerful densifier with an easy-to-achieve sheen. Designed especially for use on steel-troweled or burnished concrete floors, Consolideck Blended Densifier is a one-step solution that reacts with concrete to quickly create a harder, denser surface that can be burnished for a quick sheen.

Safer and easier to apply than conventional sodium or potassium silicate hardeners, Consolideck Blended Densifier requires no scrubbing or flushing, eliminating any caustic wastewater. It’s a deep-penetrating formula that provides a quick sheen and better abrasion resistance than conventional hardeners.

The quick-reacting product is also VOC-compliant, non-flammable, non-toxic and low-odor. Blended Densifier is breathable and UV-stable, and it won’t yellow, discolor, peel or flake.

After application, most floors can be burnished and opened to traffic within 1 hour of treatment, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

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