The City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety has certified, in report LA RR 26019, that ClarkDietrich’s ProSTUD(R) Drywall Framing System (ProSTUD(R) and ProTRAK(R)) are code compliant building products and are approved for use in construction in the City of Los Angeles.
The LA RR requires exceedingly difficult third-party evaluation, against a very stringent list of mechanical, fire and acoustical ASTM standards. The ProSTUD and ProTRAK products certified in the report are cold-formed steel framing members used to construct interior nonload-bearing (nonstructural) gypsum board sheathed walls installed in accordance with the 2014 LABC.
"Receiving this research report is a significant endorsement from the City of Los Angeles for our ProSTUD and ProTRAK steel framing products,” said Michael C. Kerner, code development manager, ClarkDietrich Building Systems. “No other drywall framing system has been as thoroughly tested as ProSTUD, and this report serves to highlight our unwavering commitment to provide high performing products that meet the strict requirements of today’s building codes.”
The ProSTUD Drywall Framing System sets the industry benchmark for strength, durability and sound performance. Its patent pending design combines high-strength steel with additional stiffening enhancements for a drywall framing stud previously unimagined. Available nationwide, the system can contribute up to 7 LEED Credits under LEED for New Construction and Major Renovations.
With a long-standing reputation for quality manufacturing, ClarkDietrich Building Systems offers the world’s largest selection of steel framing and finishing products. The company offers a full line of drywall studs and accessories, structural studs and joists, metal lath and accessories, shaft wall studs and track, interior finishing products, and connectors and accessories for commercial and residential construction.
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