On Friday, Dec. 2, 2016, the NWCB members came together at a special Membership meeting to officially approve recent amendments to the NWCB By-Laws proposed by the NWCB Board of Directors. 

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These changes were approved by a majority vote of the members in attendance at that Special Membership meeting. The particular changes dealt with Article 4.A.1.j changing two NWCB Board of Directors Seats formerly designated for a Canadian Contractor and a Canadian Manufacturer to now two Open Seats or At Large Seats and Article 1.B.7.b that members must be paying into the Prevailing Industry Promotion Fund in their area or pay an amount equal to that Prevailing Industry Promotion Fund contribution directly to the NWCB.

These Bylaw Changes, having been properly amended as proposed by the NWCB Board of Directors, receiving the approval of the members, being thus certified, signed by my hand, are being published herewith as the official current By-Laws of the Northwest Wall and Ceiling Bureau as of this date. 

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