With a new year, comes a chance to start fresh, get organized and be more productive than ever in 2017. Milwaukee will launch an upgrade to the ONE-KEY digital platform to help pros do just that.

Along with the upgrade comes another addition - Integrated Tool Security.

Paired with tracking, Integrated Tool Security provides the ultimate theft protection. It will allow users to protect their investment with features like tool lock-out, or hide their tools from the nearby devices screen so only they can see their tool is in range. If a tool is lost or stolen, users can also render it useless by sending a remote command to the tool to shut itself off the next time it comes within range of any open ONE-KEY app.

 Because this technology is digitally based, users that have already purchased a ONE-KEY enabled tool will have all upgrades at their fingertips as well. For the first time, a year after the purchase of a tool, users can upgrade it instantly with new features, just by downloading the newest version of the app.

A PDF explaining the entire ONE-KEY platform to refresh your memory is downloadable at this link.