Cetco is pleased to announce the next generation of its proven Ultraseal waterproofing system – Ultraseal AB waterproofing membrane.

Incorporating a new pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, the enhanced Ultraseal AB waterproofing membrane bonds tenaciously to concrete to prevent water migration. Ultraseal AB waterproofing membrane bonds once concrete is poured against its membrane surface. Unlike other adhesive-bonding membranes, its Active Polymer Core (APC) waterproofing layer self-seals small punctures and tears commonly caused during construction activities. The product’s adhesive layer protects the polymers from moisture during construction, which enables it to be installed in all weather conditions and both hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic conditions.

Ultraseal AB waterproofing membrane is designed primarily for under slab and property line foundation shoring wall construction, including soldier pile and lagging, metal sheet piling, auger cast caisson, shotcrete, and stabilized earth retention walls. It can be used in backfilled conditions as well.

“In addition to improved performance, the new Ultraseal AB waterproofing membrane will provide another important benefit to our customers," stated Bob Grich, Director of Business Development, Cetco Building Materials. “The fact that there is now one version of the product that can be used for all waterproofing applications simplifies both the ordering and installation processes.”

Ultraseal AB waterproofing membrane carries a 10-year warranty when installed in accordance with Cetco’s Hydroshield Quality Assurance Program. For more information or to obtain a sample, visit http://www.cetco.com or contact cetco@mineralstech.com.