Today the Modern Architecture + Design Society (MA+DS) has announced the launch of their full-scale marketing and public relations service, MA+DS Agency. Available to architects, landscape architects, home builders, home designers, and interior designers, the new MA+DS Agency offers decades of experience in marketing and public relations to help small to mid-sized firms grow their digital presence, media exposure and overall business.

Based in Austin, Texas, the Modern Architecture + Design Society was founded by James Leasure in 2010 as Modern Home Tours to evangelize modern architectural and living concepts to the world. The Modern Home Tour series features carefully selected architects, builders, designers, and homes to present visitors with a unique experience that educates and inspires as much as it impresses. The annual self-guided home tours take place in dozens of cities across the continent and showcase some of the most exciting examples of residential modern architecture and design being built today.

The new Modern Architecture + Deign Society Agency is both the next logical step for the group as well as a response to COVID-19. Founder James Leasure says: "Because all live events have been cancelled or postponed due to the ongoing health crisis, we've finally had the time to check off some of those boxes that have been waiting for quite a while! Without multiple events to plan and host each month, we have had the extra, necessary time it takes to launch a new service that allows our tour partners to leverage our ongoing expertise in media outreach, content, and SEO development with a laser focus on our specific industry."

The new MA+DS Agency utilizes decades of combined experience in digital and traditional marketing and public relations, plus over 10 years of successfully promoting and hosting architecture and design events across the USA and Canada, to create a plan that will help architects, builders, and designers grow their business with increased exposure online and in the media.

"We are incredibly excited to offer this service to any residential or commercial architect, landscape architect, home builder, interior designer, home designer, etc., that needs the extra boost that a full-scale marketing and PR team can provide but have not yet had -or no longer have- the resources to move forward with and implement," says Vice President Ken Shallcross. "We're here and we're ready to help you grow your business as the world slowly returns to a sense of normalcy."