Congratulations to the 2020 NWCB People's Choice Award Winner, Mehrer Drywall!

Category: Steel Framing - Commercial

Project: Top Golf Lounge


Top Golf Lounge is a 7,760 square-foot, state-of-the-art entertainment center and social gathering facility in Kirkland, similar to other Top Golf locations around the world – but with swing simulators that allow visitors to “tee-off” indoors on the greens of Pebble Beach and 83 other courses, or participate in other sports games. The facility has four bays, a private lounge, sports bar, and restaurant. Mehrer Drywall said the ceiling alone had 27 different radii, ellipses, and eyebrows, intersecting at several points, which required perfect framing to achieve a seamless look. Sequencing was tricky with a night crew finishing the concrete floor at night. This issue was resolved by marking the floor with white plastic hardboard, which was pulled up each night and reinstalled the next morning. SCAFCO built radius box headers and the arched track with its Perfect Curve Products line, while Mehrer used their own hydraulic track-bending machine to create smaller curves. Mehrer said the crew was enthusiastic about taking on such a challenging and complex project and the results show it.

Judges’ comment: “The Top Golf Lounge project challenged the Mehrer Drywall team with an incredibly complex design to be carried out despite sequencing issues. They succeeded brilliantly, resulting in a facility that is a feast for the eyes.”

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