The SMA has started an SMA “YouTube” channel. They have a few videos on this channel now and will begin loading regular videos onto this YouTube channel. This will include educational videos on “Silica," Lath, Plastering techniques and other issues (some videos will be in both English and Spanish).  There are many videos on YouTube regarding on industry and some are not accurate and may even be harmful to the stucco industry in general and your future. The SMA is asking for you to help. YouTube runs on a  subscriber basis, meaning the more subscribers, the more exposure. 

Click here to subscribe to the SMA YouTube channel. Doing so will help the stucco industry and you have the opportunity to learn many things. One video that is about to go on is the “ HOME INSPECTORS” video. It walks a home inspector through a stucco inspection process. SMA members will appreciate a realistic inspection rather than an inspector who was taught any deviation from the standards or ASTM is an automatic defect. This is not true.

Help support honest, useful & fair stucco information to establish the SMA YouTube channel as the authority for good stucco information.