Tom Harris returns for another discussion with W&C about the challenges facing spray foam insulation, growth in the industry, and his overall impression of the future for the industry.

As challenge fosters change, there needs to be focus and a common vision. At the contractor level it’s trade associations that Harris sees helping to create the focus while meeting the challenges head-on. This year will see continued demand for high performance insulations like spray applied polyurethane foams as we get another year of the new blowing agent technology under our belt.

Whenever there’s change, especially within the SPF formulation game, there will be a necessary learning curve for contractors. These new formulations are different and will require time to optimize their performance and how they behave during installation.

Like most industries, construction was hard hit with supply chain issues, COVID-19 and mother nature. Material supply was sporadic, and prices skyrocketed. Tune in to hear more or listen to this episode on Apple or Spotify.