Many of you listening, whether you like it or not, get involved in helping your companies promote themselves, and local events is a great way to build your brand. Whether you are launching your own event or sponsoring something local in your community, event marketing is something that can really help your brand, but it’s also something that can have a lot of downfalls if not done right. So, how do you even get started with something like that? 

Publisher Jill Bloom sits down with Anna Anderson, CEO of Art Unlimited, to talk about some innovative ideas for event marketing.

Nearing the end of the pandemic, people are craving personal connection, Anderson says. Which makes now the perfect time to revitalize certain marketing techniques that some people want to leave in the past.

“I strongly recommend, if you are connecting within your community and looking at some of those church bazaars—nonprofit events, or doing your own event, that you sit down and look at what marketing opportunities are maybe baked into that event—or how do you make them? So many people just sign up for an event, show up, and say ‘Well, it didn’t really work for me.’ And that’s the wrong attitude,” says Anderson.

For those of you looking to sponsor a local event or hold your own, Anderson shares the top three things you should be thinking about when promoting yourself.

“I first say, let’s look at who are the users that are going to engage in that event? Are they the type of customers that you want to connect with? Are they able to influence the decision of the types of jobs and opportunities your business needs to grow and thrive?”

In addition to looking at the persona that engages at said event, Anderson says you should also do a little homework on the event and shares what aspects of the event you should look into. After that, you can look at what makes you different as a company.  

Then what do you do with all that information? Anderson shares insights on your next steps. 

Anderson also discusses social media strategies, pitfalls you can expect to face in event marketing, and hiring the right people to help market your brand. 

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