Tangram, a curator of highly creative commercial interior environments and workspaces headquartered in Southern California, has announced Alyssa Armesto has been promoted to Vice President for Tangram Interiors of Central Valley.

Armesto first joined the Tangram team in 2013 as a Sales Executive in Newport Beach, California. She went on to assume the role of General Manager for Fresno, California, in 2019, and in 2021 expanded her role to encompass the entire Central Valley. As a Fresno native, Armesto has deep ties within the community and surrounding areas, which has contributed to her success in foundational relationship building.

In her previous roles, she has been described as a skilled practitioner, a tactful communicator and a key relationship builder. Her depth of knowledge and positive relationships have converted into all-time high bookings for the Fresno office just last year. Armesto has set a new record and placed Tangram’s market share on a dramatic incline.

A Clovis, California, native since the age of 10, Armesto earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Business from Azusa Pacific University. Her experience in the Central Valley will come in handy and contribute to the future success she plans to achieve. “Businesses and residents alike can attest to the continuous evolution and growth in the Central Valley,” Armesto said. “In my experience, evolution is the gateway to greatness, and I am very excited for this coming year.”

Armesto’s new role will place her in charge of sales and operations - managing the entire division in all roles. She is set to further enhance customer service experience while developing new partnerships and maintaining strategic partnerships within the industry. Armesto will ensure the process and service offerings are aligned with market expectations while pushing to gain more market share through strengthened relationships with clients.

“Alyssa is a stellar performer and leader and ready for this next step in her career with Tangram,” said Joe Lozowski, President & CEO for Tangram Interiors. “As a Fresno native with a deep understanding of the community, her unique ability to foster relationships and build on existing ones at an impressive pace will be her greatest asset as she steps into the Vice President position. I am eager to watch her thrive in the Central Valley.”

Tangram curates destinations that empower people to work, learn and heal. Creative interior solutions that foster workplace satisfaction, collaboration and productivity while enhancing the client’s brand and culture. In addition to its core contract furniture offering, the company operates multiple additional business units for a comprehensive approach to commercial interiors. This range of services allows for top-to-bottom involvement that integrates each aspect of planning, design and installation.