L.B. Hall Fireproofing, a minority- and women-owned fireproofing company located in Crystal Lake, Illinois, announced that Estefania Roa will become the company’s new CEO. In 2022, Roa became president and owner. She joined the company in 1990 and has been a dedicated partner since.

Founded in 1990, L.B. Hall has decades of experience improving the fireproofing and insulation of homes, hospitals, schools, libraries, hotels, warehouses, churches, office buildings and many other facilities. L.B. Hall offers services like intumescent fireproofing, cementitious fireproofing and insulation. It has completed over 6,940 projects serving over 500 clients in the Midwest region.

“I receive this CEO position with great humility and enthusiasm to continue learning,” Roa said. “I’m excited to make this company a gateway for those who seek more, who are willing to give everything with me and create new opportunities that will elevate both the company and our employees. For me, this position comes with a great responsibility to improve my ethics and my way of leading. This role also gives me a chance to prove to myself that in the face of adversity, I will step up to the challenge! I know I am a voice for many women and an inspiration for the next generations.”

Along with Roa becoming CEO, it was also time to create subtle but intentional changes to the company’s logo design to showcase its values. The new logo presents a beautiful phoenix, an immortal bird associated with Greek mythology that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by rising from the ashes of its predecessor. The bird is flocked with orange, yellow, red and pink feathers. This new color palette shows L.B. Hall’s pride in being a women-owned business.

The logo also introduced a more “fluid” design.

“The fluid design signifies our understanding that any situation we encounter takes flexibility, adaptability and continuous learning to be the best that we can be,” Roa said. “This design shines in our logo through the addition of ‘movement,’ which represents the ever-changing industry and our adaptability.”