I grew up in the industry. I started as an apprentice, became a journeyman and then foreman and so on.  In the last 40 years or so, I noticed that trends have shifted.

When I started in the 1970s, the previous generation noted that we lacked the craftsmanship they had. They were right: the old plasterers could do it all, they were craftsmen. My contractor time was about production-we used the term “Blow and Go” and everyone was specialized to optimize performance. My generation lost that true craftsmanship sense, but we made up for it with increased production.

The value of the older generation was craftsmanship and versatility; my generation was more focused on increased production.

Today, I see a new trend, the “I am willing to go that extra step.” What I mean is that they will do what is asked, drive extra miles, pick stuff up from the shop and be Johnny on the spot. I am speaking only in generalities and there are certainly exceptions to every rule. Maybe the lean times we are in have created this but I see changes.