Laser range meter

The new laser range meters are available with an accuracy of 1/25 inch, and can measure distances from 2 inches to 650 feet. The PD 42 takes accurate measurements even in hard-to-reach areas and outdoors in bright light conditions. It stores the last 30 distance measurements or the last five function results. The range meter features area and volume measurements, a timer function, a vertical and horizontal bubble level and a side measuring key. Designed to withstand tough jobsite conditions, it is equipped with a rubber coating and durable housing.

Clip-on marking laser

This laser is designed for professional carpenters and drywall contractors. It fits on all standard drywall, plywood, and composition boards, with a clip-on spring grip. It is designed so that one can slide the Prolaser T-Square on the edge of the board then cut along the laser line. It has a pressure-activated power switch and a molded rubber case and is the size of a standard tape measure, with a belt clip.

Distance laser

The PL60 measures length, width, and height from any reference point, and calculates area and volume. The user aims, presses a button, and instantly has a measurement. It can also be used in tracking mode for one-person layout tasks. Features include a tapered base that allows it to fit into room corners to measure diagonals to locate the center of a room, as well as a base that rotates to serve as a free-standing platform to measure vertical heights. It also has shortcut keys for addition, subtraction, area and volume calculations and includes an integrated spirit level. Its compact size allows it to fit in a shirt pocket.

Rotary laser package

The new HVR 500 G green beam rotary laser package is designed primarily for interior layout of ceilings and drywall construction. The green beam is designed to be easy to see at both close range and mid range for interior jobsite conditions. It can also be used for exterior layout using a dedicated laser receiver. It is fully self-leveling and accurate to 1/8 inch at 100 feet.

Laser mount accessory

The XT-Mount is a two-piece adjustable multi-mount accessory with heavy-duty quick spring-clamp attachment as well as a magnetic attachment designed for indoor leveling and alignment jobs. Built-in industrial strength magnets quickly attach to the mount and allow easy height adjustment of the level laser line. The magnetic platform also detaches and the laser can be attached to a steel stud or any metal surface for leveling jobs. This cross-leveling laser accessory also features a keyhole mount. Vertical and horizontal adjustment knobs facilitate precise alignment of laser lines. The XTMT is designed for use with the CST/berger ILM-XT and the David White M2XT Laser Cross Levels.