Gypsum manufacturer USG announces the availability of the 2009 Gypsum Construction Handbook. The guide is designed to be a complete guide to the selection of building products catered towards architects, contractors and other industry professionals within the building trades.

Working with RSMeans and Reed Construction data, USG experts share strategic insights on the latest building products, designs and installation processes. By using this guide, the handbook was designed as a reference manual to building professionals to research products and issues to resolve new design challenges.

“The gypsum handbook is the go-to guide for architects, contractors, building engineers and code officials,” said Scott Feste, director of gypsum product management for USG. “This guide is designed to help industry professionals quickly and easily identify the best building products and construction practices to meet their needs.”

New features include elements of building science and sustainability, including how readers can save time and money in design and construction. Additionally, the handbook helps building professionals understand critical construction and design elements such as building movement, fire resistance, heat transfer, sound transmission and vapor control.

As with previous editions, the handbook details USG building product choices currently available in the market, along with system descriptions, construction methodologies and full data on accessories, tools, equipment and applications.

The handbook provides insight into ongoing critical areas such as acoustics, lighting, and moisture and mold management. The book covers categories such as framing, drywall, veneer and conventional plaster, joint treatment and plaster finishing, interior cement board and ceilings.

In its sixth edition, the 2009 handbook is 576 pages in a soft-cover format with more than 700 illustrations of products and installation techniques. For more information or to purchase the handbook,,Amazon.comand other bookstores nationwide.