The International Powered Access Federation has published three standard forms/templates with the aim of promoting safety and best practice in the use of mast climbing work platforms on work sites.

The MCWP Handover Certificate is designed to ensure that the equipment has been assembled according to the manufacturer’s instructions and in conformity with applicable design standards and that the user has been informed about the safe use and emergency procedures of the MCWP.

The MCWP Load Chart is a visual reminder that the loads indicated should never be exceeded and that all users must be aware of the load restrictions and be familiarized in the safe operation of the MCWP before they use the unit.

The MCWP Thorough Examination is a form/checklist covering all elements required to ensure that the equipment has been properly examined and is safe for use.

“This is the first time that such templates are available for the MCWP industry and they will be useful tools in reinforcing safe use of the equipment,” said Romina Vanzi, convenor of the IPAF International MCWP Committee. “While every care has been taken in the preparation of these documents, it is essential that users always refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual.”

The templates are available in English and requests for other languages can be directed to All three MCWP templates can be downloaded from the “Publications/Technical Guidance” section of