Armstrong Ceilings is proud to introduce an innovative, simple way to hang and level drop ceilings: QuickHang hooks and brackets.

The QuickHang hooks and brackets install easily to joists in a basement, with only 2.5” of overhead space needed, while still allowing access to pipes, ductwork, and wiring. No more twisting, tying and leveling hanger wire. This new system also allows you to easily level grid by simply squeezing the bracket tabs and adjusting hooks up or down.

QuickHang Grid Hook Kits supply you with the hanging hardware you need to hang a drop ceiling without the hassle. The kit works with any metal grid system that has hanger holes. Choose from either 6” hooks to maximize ceiling height, or 12” hooks to work around obstructions. QuickHang is the simple solution to a once tedious task. Here is a summary video (linked here).

Are you interested in receiving a demo kit?  Please let me know if you are interested in learning more. I am happy to connect you with the Armstrong Ceilings retail product manager.

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