Surface Shields recently introduced a new heavy-duty fire-resistant floor protector and fire-retardant polyethylene seam tape, creating a superior fire defense system on jobsites.

Cover Shield’s new material is made in the U.S. and can withstand high impact, fire and liquid. It lays flat and is tear resistant while its embossed pattern adds traction and reduces slippage. Designed with strong adhesive and flexible backing, Seam Tape FR (Part # PETW2180FR) makes seaming and repositioning easy. It also includes a pinked edge for a smooth tear, making it ideal for any kind of fire-rated operation.

On average, firefighters respond to more than 10 fires a day at buildings under construction, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Taking steps to prevent fire-related incidents before they happen is the best way to keep fires from starting and to keep them contained if they do.

To ensure Cover Shield and Seam Tape FR keep jobsites safe, both went through rigorous testing to meet fire-rated standards. Both meet NFPA-701 and Cover Shield also has an ASTME-648 Class 1 rating.

“Keeping a jobsite protected and lowering accident rates starts with prevention,” said Elliot Piltzer, director of business development for Surface Shields. “Cover Shield paired with Seam Tape FR creates an unrivaled fire safety system that can be used in applications ranging from medical, nautical, industrial, government projects, universities, and restoration.”

Cover Shield is available in 36’’ x 393’ 10 mil, 36’’ x 186’ 20 mil, and special order 40 mil rolls. Seam Tape FR comes in cases of 24 rolls, 1.89 in. by 60 yd., and is designed to be used with any Surface Shields product, both fire-rated and non fire-rated.