Air & WRB


VaproShield’s newest product—PanelShield SA—is a complete air and weather resistive barrier system. The product can be installed over walls and rough openings; protecting and simultaneously drying-in a structure, allowing work to continue. The product doesn't require a primer; with 12 months of UV and climate exposure, it is ideal for long-term exposure. It is used for transitions, rough openings, fenestrations and full-wall applications. For more information, visit


Waterproofing Membrane


A strong solution for waterproofing is latex-based GoldPlus. This ready-to-use formula also serves as an anti-fracture membrane to prevent tile cracking up to 1/8 inch on horizontal and vertical surfaces for both interior and exterior applications, including showers, lavatories, fountains, commercial kitchens and restaurants. The product is roller-applied for easy installation with a fast 1-hour dry time, and it contains the company’s Blockade antimicrobial protection, which helps protect against the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew and enables it to offer resistance to stains caused by mold. For more information, visit


Drainable Wraps


Thanks to an integrated layer of randomly oriented fibers, TYPAR Drainable Wrap has an effective drainage gap that gives it the ability to shed excess moisture faster than conventional housewraps. With this wrap, builders get the industry-leading performance of wraps with an integrated solution to manage bulk water that gets behind cladding. No other product brings together that capability with the exceptional tear strength, holdout, and breathability wrap is known for. It is ready to go to work right alongside the manufacturer’s full line-up of high-performance flashings, tapes, and accessories to protect against the elements. For more information, visit


Barrier System

G-P Gypsum

The DensElement Barrier System, with AquaKOR Technology, integrates the gypsum core and the fiberglass mat to form a hydrophobic, monolithic surface that blocks bulk water but allows vapor to pass through. The system eliminates the need for building wrap, fluid-applied membranes or peel-and-stick membranes. It’s faster to install and can be installed when it’s wet outside, saving time and labor. The all-in-one product is finished with DensDefy Liquid Flashing to fill and seal joints, fasteners, openings, penetrations, and transitions. The system is ABAA listed and WRB-AB approved and has a customized MasterSpec specification –061656 Air and Water Resistive Sheathing Board. For more information, visit


CI Insulation WRB


EnergyShield Continuous Wall Insulation can be used as a three-in-one product, providing exceptional thermal performance, an air barrier, and a WRB, while streamlining the overall wall design. This gives architects, designers and contractors assurance that the products they have selected will deliver high performance and long-lasting protection. Use of it is supported with educational resources and personal customer service advice. The product is approved as a standalone WRB and air barrier by properly sealing the joints and penetrations with an approved self-adhered tape. Through rigorous third-party testing under AC71 (Foam Plastic Sheathing Panels Used as a WRB), Atlas has confirmed the compatibility of approved tape flashing options, which provides the architect and installer more freedom in the adhesive selection, market availability and budget control. It can be used as a WRB in both residential and commercial applications. For more information, visit


Self-adhering Waterproofing Membrane

MFM Building Products

SubSeal-40 is an advanced, 40-mil, self-adhering waterproofing membrane that is engineered to be a multi-purpose sheet suitable for vertical applications, such as behind stucco panels and other exterior sidewall coverings. This membrane is designed for extreme moisture protection and aggressively bonds to poured concrete and other building materials to eliminate the movement of water under the membrane. Designed for use on features such as through-wall flashings, windows, sills, pot shelves, parapet walls and many other applications. The product meets ASTM D 1970, ICC-ES ESR-2783 (AC148), and ICC-ES ESR-3980 (AC38), and is AAMA 711 compliant for use around window and door openings. For more information, visit


Waterproofing & Ventilation Mats

Stuc-O-Flex International Inc.

WaterWay Rainscreen & Ventilation Mats create space for moisture drainage, promote air circulation and incorporate a unique filter fabric that exceeds AC -38 Acceptance Criteria testing for weather resistive barriers. This provides greater substrate protection against the damaging effects of water penetration. The products are endorsed by North America's most distinguished building enclosure specialists. For both new construction and cladding remediation, the products accommodate essential criteria in today’s construction environment. For more information, visit